Unsafe overseas drivers will be prevented from driving on Victorian roads, under changes aimed at making the licensing system fairer and safer.
From Tuesday, 1 September 2015, overseas drivers who fail the VicRoads practical drive test will no longer be allowed to drive in Victoria using their overseas licence.
VicRoads Executive Director of Registration and Licensing, David Shelton said the changes ensure that all drivers understand Victorian road rules and are tested to the same standard.
“Just because a person is licensed to drive in another country is no longer a good enough reason to automatically allow them the right to drive in Victoria,” Mr Shelton said.
“We know that in the five months to May 2015, less than 60% of overseas licence holders who attempted the VicRoads practical drive test, actually passed.
“We’re closing a loophole that has let unsafe drivers from foreign countries revert back to their overseas licence, even after they’ve failed the practical component.
“It means that any driver who displays unsafe behaviour or ability during testing will be unable to drive until deemed safe.”
An overseas driver who fails the practical test but wishes to continue to drive in Victoria will be required to obtain a Victorian learner permit and adhere to all restrictions or, obtain a Victorian driver licence by resitting and passing the practical drive test.

It is an offence to drive unlicensed in Victoria and penalties of up to $379 apply.

SOURCE: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/newsmedia/2015/licensing-standards-to-be-applied-equally-to-all-drivers

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